If you would like to help the many injured and abandoned animals here at Saint Francis Pet Foundation but are unable to offer any of them a home, you may be interested in sponsoring one or more of them instead.

How the program works:

1. Look through the pictures and profiles of our animals.

2. Fill out and submit the Online Sponsorship Form or print, fill out, and send the sponsorship form if you would like to pay by check or money order.

3. Once we receive your sponsorship form and initial donation, we will send you a "welcome package" which will include the following.
- A photo and profile of your sponsored animal
- An official Saint Francis Pet Foundation Sticker
- You can list your name as a sponsor under the animals profile at the profile page. Just let us know on the sponsorship form.


Sheep: Prime & Tender
Goat: Larry, Charlie, & Moe


Domestic Short Hair: Kitty Kitty
Domestic Short Hair: Bigfoot


Abyssinian: Buttercup
Vietnamese Potbelly Pig: Betty
Texel Guinea Pig: Honey
Abysinian Guinea Pig: Walnut


Umbrella Cockatoo: Blanca


Sulcata Tortoises: Tortuga & Winkie
Green Iguana: Ziggy a.k.a. Yahyo


Netherland Dwarf: Ollie
Dutch: Buddy
Netherland Dwarf: Tootsie
Flemish Giant Mix: Waffle
Flemish Giant Mix: Dodger
Dutch: Beans
Flemish Giant Mix: Blackjack
Jersey Wooly: Casper
American Mix: Midnight


Chinese Geese: Quack & Wack | Frank & Phoebe | Dino & Mimi
African Geese: Pete | RePete


Fox: Samuel
Raccoon: Goldie & Bubbles

If you would like to be a sponsor for one of our many animals that have taken refuge at our facility click here for our sponsorship form.

   Click here to learn more about the Staint Francis Pet Foundation Click here to contact the Saint Franics Pet Foundation


Click here to learn more about the Staint Francis Pet FoundationClick here to contact the Saint Franics Pet Foundation